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What if your next investment had a track record of a 96.85% success rate? Embark on your journey to replicating that impressive success rate firsthand. Download your free guide on how to invest in a laundromat today!

95% Success Rate

Compared to success rates of other common investments, laundromats have exceptional success.

Low Start-Up Costs

Start-up costs are just over $200,000—far less than car washes, convenience stores and self-storage.

Always in Season

Unlike other investments, laundromats are always in season—clean laundry is something everyone needs, no matter what time of year.

Low Labor Costs

Labor costs are low—70% of laundromat investors have 0-3 employees. Say goodbye to high overhead.

20-35% Average Return-on-Investment

An average cash-on-cash ROI of up to 35% is both impressive and advantageous when compared to other investments.

Simple Accounting

There’s no need for complex accounting. Customers pay upfront using cash, coin or in-app payments.

We’ll Guide You Every Step of the Way in Your Laundromat Investment.

  • Easy financing
  • Demographics analysis
  • Site selection
  • Store layout and design
  • Technology for data and cost savings
  • Marketing

Laundry Equipment is Built for Top Return on Investment.

Your bottom line reflects your machines’ performance. When your machines power through unending loads year after year, you spend less time and money on repairs—keeping profits in your pocket and time on your side. That’s important when considering starting a successful laundromat business. Only the best equipment gives you the return on investment you’re looking for. Curtis Equipment Company can answer all your commercial laundry investment questions.

Having the right partner can be the difference between success and failure when starting a laundromat. When you partner with Curtis Equipment Company, you benefit from our 65+ years of experience in the laundry industry.

You need only look around a commercial area to see the success of businesses catering to our fast-paced society needs. Drive-through coffee shops, 10-minute oil changes, fast-food restaurants and automatic car wash franchises are just a few of the models turning time savings into profits.

Coin laundries provide similar efficiency with their large, multi-load commercial laundry equipment. These machines enable customers to reduce what would be an all-day task to just one hour at a vended laundry.

Investors have been parlaying time savings into big profits, particularly in the United States, where coin laundries generate $5 billion annually, according to the Coin Laundry Association (CLA).

Adding to the appeal of self service vended laundries as an investment opportunity is the fact that clean clothes are a necessity. One can choose not to go out for lunch, a premium cup of coffee or even wash their car. But clean clothes are a must. That fact also makes the business virtually recession proof.

Coin laundries deliver benefits other ventures can’t, starting with no franchise fees. Once you open a vended laundry with Huebsch® equipment, the business is all yours. Unlike many other small business ventures, vended laundries have no on-going corporate mandates or annual franchise fees.

Success Stories

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