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Unleash Efficiency

At Curtis Equipment Company we are not here to sell machines. For us, it’s about solving problems and maximizing efficiency for our customers. That’s why we focus on providing solutions and not selling products. Let’s explore how B&C products address common laundry challenges:

  •  Efficient Washing Process: Temperature control, optimized wash time, chemical compatibility, and advanced mechanical action.
  • Durability and Reliability: Built to last with the highest quality components.
  • Engineering Driven: Experienced staff of engineers available to ensure project success.
  • Customer Focused: Personalized service and unsurpassed customer support.

B&C Technologies: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

B&C Technologies started with one goal in mind: to provide the highest quality laundry equipment at an affordable price. Founded in 2000 by Bengt Bruce and Bob Cowen, they began with less than 10 machines and have since grown to offer over 100 different products, they are the laundry solution. Commitment to innovation, dependability, and solid values has guided B&C Technologies to become industry leaders.

Built to last. That’s the first requirement for any B&C machine. Add affordability, reliability, and the highest quality components, and you have the foundation of this industry leader. B&C machines are engineered and tested to withstand the most rigorous demands of any laundry. They offer a high-end product with a low cost of ownership, where affordability meets durability.

B&C has an experienced staff of engineers available to ensure that your next project is a success. With extensive industry experience, Curtis Equipment can assist you in choosing the appropriate equipment for your specific needs. When you call us, you’ll get the right equipment for your needs.

As a family-owned company, Curtis Equipment understands the importance of personalized service. We value our customers and strive to provide unsurpassed customer service.  B&C is also a family owned company and you will be treated like family throughout the lifespan of your equipment.

Outstanding Reliability and Efficiency at an Affordable Price

The B&C Technologies line of washer-extractors is designed to be effortless, powerful, and cost-effective. Our machines save you money over their lifespan, with fewer parts and less downtime. Higher extraction means less time in the dryer, reducing energy consumption and increasing savings. Our machines are engineered with the finest components to ensure a longer-lasting machine.


  • Best Value in Washing Volume
    Don’t be misled by dry weight capacities. Our washers offer unmatched washing volume per dollar spent. Compare and see the difference with B&C Technologies.
  • Durability by Design
    Experience the durability of our washers with heavy-duty construction that ensures longevity and reliability.
  • Affordable Maintenance
    Even the best machines need maintenance. With competitive parts pricing, keeping your equipment running smoothly is affordable and hassle-free.
  • Optimal Water Extraction
    Our washers offer the perfect G-Force for efficient water extraction, saving time and energy in the drying process.

B&C Technologies offers a line of rugged dryers known for outstanding reliability and efficiency at an affordable price. These dryers are engineered with fewer parts for reduced breakdowns and maintenance, boasting easy installation with welded steel cabinets and heavy-duty steel bases. They ensure quick drying for increased laundry productivity. With doors designed for ease of use and reduced maintenance, B&C dryers offer a cost-effective solution for diverse drying needs, making them the best value in the industry.


  • Stainless Steel Superiority
    Say goodbye to rust and rough surfaces. Our dryers feature stainless steel cylinders for superior performance and fabric care.
  • Built to Last
    Built with solid steel bases, cast iron pulleys, and other robust components for maximum durability.
  • Rapid Drying
    Experience lightning-fast drying times with our dryers’ high airflow and BTU ratings, boosting laundry throughput and efficiency.
  • Precise Humidity Control
    Our innovative humidity sensing system ensures precise drying, eliminating guesswork and optimizing energy usage.

At Curtis Equipment Company, we’re more than just distributors – we’re partners in your laundry success. Contact us today to learn more about how our solutions can transform your operations.